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1978, Vol 32, Num 3

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An Ankle-Foot Orthosis For Immobilization of the Ankle


Herbert E. Kramer
William D. Arnold, M.D.



The Polypropylene Single-Hip Spica


David A. Varnau, B.S., C.O.



Spenco-Lynadure Soft Inserts


MichaelT. Wilson, C.P.O.



Orthotic Management for Genu Recurvatum and Genu Varus


Joan C. Weintrob. C.P.O.
Margaret M. Kendrick, M.D.



The Salop Skate—An Orthosis For Improving 'Drag-To' Gait


J. Stallard, B. Tech., C. Eng., M.I. Mech. E.
G.K. Rose, F.R.C.S.



Tissue Pressure Tolerance As a Guide to Wrist-Hand Orthosis Design


Duane Toderan, C.O.
Tom Lunsford, M.S.E.



TECHNICAL NOTE: The McFarlen Below-Knee Suspension System


J.M. McFarlen, C.P.



Metrication in the United States and Canada


Eugene Wagner


O&P Library > Orthotics and Prosthetics > 1978, Vol 32, Num 3

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