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AOPA Technical Mission To Europe

A technical mission to Europe in June 1963, is being arranged by the American Orthotics and Prosthetics Association. Members of AOPA taking part in the Mission, will visit orthopedic and prosthetic centers in seven European countries, and will also inspect the exhibits at the International Congress for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled at Copenhagen, June 26 and 27.

Charles Yesalis. Vice-President of the S. H. Camp and Company, Jackson Michigan, has been named Chairman of the Technical Mission. Serving with him will be Bert Titus, Durham, N.C.: Ben Marsh of Sierra Engineering: William Tosberg, New York City: Marion Miller. Indianapolis: Robert Crumam, Minneapolis: Max Nader of the Otto Bock Company: Howard Thianhardt of Atlanta; Jay Greene of U.S. Mfg, Company; Ted W. Smith of Kansas City. President Killauer is ex-officio member of the committee, and Les Smith will serve as Secretary. Mr. Anthony Staros of the VA Prosthetic Center will serve as Technical Advisor to the Committer.

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Delegates on the Mission in addition to the Committee include, Mr. and Mrs. Basil Peters of Philadelphia, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bohnenkamp of Omaha, Nebraska, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schwarz of Brooklyn, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Paul Kraft of Ottawa, Canada (other members of the Mission will be announced in the May Almanac).

The Mission has been arranged to give members opportunity to widen their scope of knowledge concerning orthotics and prosthetics in Europe. In addition, they will bring a report on late developments in the United States in orthotics and prosthetics to various physicians and rehabilitation agencies abroad.

The Mission will visit the U.S. Trade Centers in London and in Frankfurt, Germany. They will also inspect the Otto Bock Factory in Duderstadt.

The Mission which is being arranged with the cooperation of the various government agencies and the International Society will prepare a report for publication in the Journal and to be submitted to members of the Association at the 1963 Assembly.

Travel arrangements for the Mission are being handled by American Express Company. Registration is limited to members of the Association.

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O&P Library > Orthotics and Prosthetics > 1963, Vol 17, Num 1 > pp. 30 - 31

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