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1962, Vol 16, Num 3

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Prosthetic-Orthotic Education Past, Present, and Future


Clinton L. Compere, M.D.



A New Image in Professional Education


Jack D. Armold, Ph.D.



Student Leaves School: What Then?


Herbert Blair Hanger, C.P.



Philosophy of Research


Colin A. Mclaurin, B.A.Sc.



The Patellar Tendon Bearing Total Contact Prosthesis for Below-Knee Amputees


Robert G. Thompson, M.D.



The Role of Physical Therapy in Prosthetics


Hildegarde Myers, B.S., R.P.T., R.N.



Mechanics of Spinal Bracing


Robert D. Keagy, M.D.



Mechanics of Spinal Bracing as Related to Immobilization<


Siegfried W. Jesswein, C.P.O.



Current Concepts in the Management of the Juvenile Amputee


George T. Aitken, M.D.



Growth Potential in Children


Claude N. Lambert, M.D.



Development of Motor Capacity in the Normal Child


Frederick E. Vultee, M.D.



Prosthetic and Orthotic Devices for Nonstandard Prostheses in the Management of Limb Deficiencies


Charles H. Frantz, M.D.


O&P Library > Orthotics and Prosthetics > 1962, Vol 16, Num 3

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