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1987, Vol 11, Num 1

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Preparatory Prosthetics


Bruce P. McClellan, C.P.O.
Donald R. Cummings, CP.



The Stat Limb: A Prosthesis for Immediate Postoperative Fitting of AK and BK Amputations


Joseph CM. Sheehan, M.D.
Michael J. Quigley, C.P.O.



A Variable Volume Socket for Below-knee Prostheses


A. Bennett Wilson, Jr.
C. Michael Schuch, C.P.O.
Robert O. Nitschke, C.P.O.



The Design and Testing of a Gradient Pressure Sock for Control of Edema


Martha Field, M.S.
Joseph Zettl, CP.



Removable Rigid Dressing for Below-knee Amputees


Yeongchi Wu, M.D.
Harold Krick, CP.



Transparent Preparatory Prostheses for Upper Limb Amputations


Terry J. Supan, C.P.O.



Modular Seat-Shells and Standardized Manufacture of Individually Shaped Seats for the Severely Disabled: The Tubingen Experience


George Neff
Klaus Fischer



Motion Analysis of SACH vs. Flex-Foot(tm) in Moderately Active Below-knee Amputees


Judy Wagner, L.P.T.
Susan Sienko, B.Sc.
Terry Supan, C.P.O.
Daryl Barth, C.P.O.



A Model for Graduate Education in Orthotics and Prosthetics


Caroline C. Nielsen, Ph.D.
Ronald F. Altman, C.P.O.
Patricia Gillespie, M.P.H.
Priscilla D. Douglas, Ph.D.


O&P Library > Clinical Prosthetics & Orthotics > 1987, Vol 11, Num 1

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