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1981, Vol 5, Num 3

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Prosthetic Sensory Feedback Lower Extremity


Frank W. Clippinger, M.D.
James H. McElhaney, Ph.D
Maret G. Maxwell, Ph.D.
David W. Vaughn, C.P.O.
Grace Horton, R.P.T.
Linda Bright, R.N.



Editorial: Tightening The Loops On Sensory Feedback


John Lyman, Ph.D.



Feedback For Electrically Powered Prostheses And Orthoses


Warren Frisina, B.E. (in M.E.)
James A. Reeve, B.S. (in E.E.)


O&P Library > Clinical Prosthetics & Orthotics > 1981, Vol 5, Num 3

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