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1970, Vol 14, Num 2

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The Prosthetics and Orthotics Program


A. Bennett Wilson, Jr.



Amputees and Their Prostheses


Elizabeth J Davies. M.A.
Barbara R. Friz, M.S
Frank W. Clippinger, M.D.



The Use of External Support in the Treatment of Low Back Pain


Jacquelin Perry. M.D.



Evaluation of Synthetic Balata for Fabricating Sockets for Below-Knee Amputation Stumps


A. Bennett Wilson, Jr.



A New Approach to Patient Analysis for Orthotic Prescription— Part I: The Lower Extremity


Newton C. Mccollough III. M.D.
Charles M. Fryer. M.A.
John Glancy, C.O.


O&P Library > Artificial Limbs > 1970, Vol 14, Num 2

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