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1968, Vol 12, Num 1

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The Acceptance and Rejection of Prostheses by Children With Multiple Congenital Limb Deformities


P. J. R. Nichols M.A., D.M. (Oxon), D.Phys.Med.
E. E. Rogers, M.A.O.T.
M. S. Clark, M.A.O.T.
W. G. Stamp, M.D.



Immediate Postsurgical Prosthetics Fitting in the Management of Upper-Extremity Amputees


Augusto Sarmiento, M.D.
Newton C. McCollough, III, M.D.
Edward M. Williams, M.D.
William F. Sinclair, C.P.



Immediate Postsurgical Prosthetics Fitting of a Bilateral, Below-Elbow Amputee, a Report


Edward Loughlin, M.D.
James W. Stanford, III, C.P.
Marcus Phelps, C.P.



Experience with the Munster-Type Below-Elbow Prosthesis, a Preliminary Report


Charles H. Epps, Jr., M.D.
John H. Hile



The Army Medical Biomechanical Research Laboratory Porous Laminate Patellar-Tendon-Bearing Prosthesis


Clyde M. E. Dolan, M.S.



Physical Properties of Silicone Rubber


John W. Hodge, Jr., B.S.M.E.
Mary H. Yeakel, O.T.


O&P Library > Artificial Limbs > 1968, Vol 12, Num 1

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